Irena - The self cleaning vacuum

Outsource the cleaning and let Irena work for you

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What we are building

Simple design

With the compact design makes it very easy to travel with

Outsource cleaning

You deserv more time off so let irena do the cleaning while you focus on other things

Cost effictive

We target a global market and produce the product our self allowing us to sell it for as low as 30 euro

Low cost - good quality

We are ready to produce it from scratch without middle man which will provide the end user with a low cost and high quality product

Problem solving

Every apartment, house and accomodation owner faces cleaning on a weakly bases, the customer base is huge

Manifacture ready

We have a email connections and a translator ready to communicate with our suppliers. All we need now is the funding

What we want:

Seed investment

  • We need you
  • to help us fund
  • the first batch
  • to provide to customers

Build it

  • We have suppliers
  • now let us put togther
  • Irena the IoT vacuum

Ship to customer

  • Product is done
  • Time to start selling

Why us?

  • Dedicated team
  • We know software
  • Proven track record
  • Customer oriented
  • We are technologists
  • Ready to perform

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